LZF Super Agents, known as LZFSA´s, are the principle special operations force deployed overseas in covert LZF operations. They represent the best of the best. Hand selected from hundreds of recruits, each super agent is exceptionally gifted and has highly developed skills to enable them to operate in any environment.

This week, a new group of recruits arrives. Flying in from all over the USA and Canada, LZF has brought each recruit to LZF HQ in Valencia, Spain to see if they have what it takes to tough it out as an LZF Super Agent.

The road to becoming a super agent isn’t easy. Each recruit must pass this week of rigorous exercises and tests. They will be tested on the ins and outs of LZF lighting, the subtleties of LZF design and if good enough, the secrets of the Timberlite® formula. Only then, when they have passed every stage, will they be given the title of LZF Super Agent.

When the recruits arrive at HQ, they will be ushered into the Super Agent lounge. A secure space where all qualified LZF Super Agents congregate when not out on assignment.

The space boasts a complete martini bar with fine wines, combat training facilities with flamethrower, massage and spa area and a huge gadget playroom.

Amongst all the glitz, LZF Pod´s and Poppy pendant lights can be seen designed by legendary agent Burkhard Dämmer. Other pendants in the space include the Raindrop pendant clusters by stealthy agent Javier Herrero, the Agatha pendant lamp and Paisley screens by the charming but deadly agent Luis Eslava, the Spiro pendant lamp by the lethal agent Remedios Simon and finally the Candelabro pendant light by super secret agent co-founder Marivi killer Calvo.

The space will serve as the perfect area in which the recruits can rest, learn and prepare themselves for the trials that are to come. So for now we await their arrival, to see who will make it as an LZF Super Agent.
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